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Boycott TJ MAXXX for trashing
Ivanka Trump!!

Ryan's Beef with Jenna


Ivanka Trump's brands are being treated SO unfairly. As a designer, she has every right to have her signs displayed in the stores that she created merchandise for. TJ MAXX SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED!


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I dont think you get how this is actually working to YOUR benefit. If TJ Maxxx and Marshalls sell Ivanka's stuff and then take down displays, that basically means it's no longer a featured item in the store and will be discounted even more than it already is. So if you're a fan of Ivanka, you actually win in this scenario because you get her products with a great discount!! SHOP IT WHILE YOU CAN. Don't boycott the store that's actually doing the consumer a favor offering great deals. Take advantage of it! #silverlining



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