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Dads aren't babysitters

mickey's Rant


Sometimes I just have to laugh. I guess I don't really get it. Becky and I both work from home, we both take care of the kids and the house. When Becky takes the four kids out, people say things like "You've got your hands full" or "Wow- are they all yours?"
Yet, when someone sees me out with the kids, I'm immediately praised for "babysitting" the kids. I hear "What a great dad!" or "You are so great to babysit your kids today."


It's not that I'm not happy to hear the praise... bring it on... but it does seem a little one-sided. When people tell Becky that it's "so nice that Mickey helps you like he does" and she smiles a nods, I know she wants to say "What do you mean helps me? We're in this together. It's called being a parent."

When my wife is busy taking our daughter to dance and I have the other kids at home... it's not babysitting.
When I take the kids to the playground while she cleans the house ... it's not babysitting.
When I take the kids outside to play while she cooks dinner... it's not babysitting.
When I have the kids at one son's lacrosse practice so she can finish writing an article... it's not babsitting.
When the roles are reversed... she's not babysitting. No one would think she was, so why do they think I am? Why can't I just be involved because I'm a dad.

It's not babysitting.
It's parenting. And I'm a parent.



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