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Creating an Account

Creating a new account is a quick three step process.

  1. Locate and click on the "Sign Up for FREE" button at the top right of the website.
  2. You will be presented with two signup options, you can create an account by linking your facebook account to the website, or creating a brand new account on

    Fill out your first and last name, your email, and create a password only you know. You will be asked to type that password twice to confirm and then your birthday, making sure to select the month, day, and year. Finally, click on the box next to the text that reads "I'm not a robot" to confirm that you are in fact, not a robot.
  3. Time to get squashin! Click on the green button to begin your journey!

Creating a Beef

Creating a beef is a quick and simple process. The first step is to think about the beef in question. What is your position? What about the opposing view? Once have figured out the perfect beef go to the feed page by clicking on the feed icon in the navigation.

You will arrive at the feed, this is a list showcasing the most recently created and active beefs, rants and raves, and polls.

On top will be a row of buttons with a button in the middle titled "Post a beef" Click on this button to begin the process.

Enter your side of the beef, making sure to make your position as convincing as possible. You will have the option to either request a rebuttal or write the rebuttal. If you request the rebuttal an email will be sent out providing your opposition a chance to write their own rebuttal. You can also write the rebuttal for them, you can be as convincing as you want to be here. Type in their name and if you'd like, you can enter their email address. Create a nice title for the beef, the more inflammatory the better! Finally, choose a category and a duration of beef. When you're done click "POST".

Voting and Commenting

Voting and commenting is fun and easy! First find a topic you'd like to speak your mind on. Let's take Vladamir here and his outragous claim:

We can't let such a claim stand unopposed! Scroll down to the bottom of the beef or rant and find the voting box:

You will see two options on the left and right sides with a thumbs up icon and a chatbox icon as well as an icon in the center. Clicking on either icon on the left or right sides will automatically add a vote in agreement or disagreement with the topic. Clicking on the icon in the middle will let you make a neutral comment. You can vote without commenting by using the thumbs up icon, or you can vote and leave a comment by clicking the chatbox icon. You can also comment after voting.

You can attach an image to your comment by clicking on the camera icon in the textbox. Once you're ready to send click on the paper airplane icon to submit your comment.

Using your Dashboard

The Dashboard is split into four distinct sections:

  1. Your Beef
  2. Squashed Beef
  3. Profile/Settings
  4. Messages

Your Beef

This section of the dasboard shows your current active beefs. Any beefs created by you or beefs with you that have not yet been squashed will show up here. Use this section to quickly look through and view updates on your beefs. It will display current vote counts and number of comments as well as how long it will take for the beef to end.

Squashed Beef

This section will show beefs that have been squashed along with final voting percentages and comments.


This section will allow you to update your personal information as well as create a custom user handle and add a profile photo. You can update your interests and update your password here as well.


This section is your "inbox" of messages. You can view and delete messages received as well as toggle whether to have new messages emailed to you based on the kind of alert you received.